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Arctic Chiller Bottled Water

Have no need for private label water? We’ve got you covered. Arctic Chiller offers various house brands to suit your needs - whether that be a going green alternative with our bio-bottle, standing out with our award winning diamond bottle, or providing a compact thirst quencher to clients with our Mini Chiller.

Arctic Chiller 500mL House Brand

Arctic Chiller Brand 500mL

Demineralized Water By Reverse Osmosis: 

Sales leader in bottled water segment. Popular choice with consumers - huge market demand. Impurity and chemical free with low mineral content.

Protected Source Water:

Edmonton municipal supply, EL Smith Reservoir. Meets or exceeds all provincial and national requirements, including the Guidelines For Canadian Drinking Water Quality in accordance with Health Canada.

Multi-Barrier Process:

Including water softening, carbon activated charcoal, micro filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, and ozonation. Rigorously tested and inspected.

NSF Inspected - National Sanitation Foundation:

An internationally respected independent 3rd party testing and inspection organization. For more details visit


Mini Chiller

Mini Chiller 296mL

Convenient Size

Our Mini Chiller is the perfect travel sized bottle - only 6.5" in height and extremely lightweight it is great to carry on the go or toss in a bag. It’s small size is also well suited for children’s tiny hands to easily take a refreshing drink.

Sleek Mini Bullet Shape:

Unique, sleek, smooth finish sure to stand out.

Demineralized Water By Reverse Osmosis: 

Sales leader in bottled water segment. Popular choice with consumers - huge market demand. Impurity and chemical free with low mineral content.


ArcticPur 15L Bag In A Box

Reduced Packaging:

The 15L ArcticPur bag-in-box reduces storage, transportation, and shelf space by 23% over the 24 pack 500mL bottles. As a result, less energy is required to provide customers with our valuable product.

Large Quantity For Group Events:

With easy to carry handles and a convenient pour spout ArcticPur is perfect for family picnics, sporting events, or other outdoor activities.

100% Recyclable & Less Packaging:

Folds flat making it easy to recycle with lower deposit and ecology charges.


Arctic Chiller 500mL House Brand

Altitude - Glacier Spring Water

Heightened Hydration: 

Indulge in glacial water from the pristine Canadian Rockies. Altitude Spring Water is sourced from the Kootenay Plains, Alberta - just 4km from the Banff National Park boundary. Beginning as ice in the snow covered summits, flowing downward through ancient layers of sedimentary rock; it is naturally filtered gaining minerals and nutrients providing a clean, smooth, naturally balanced taste.

  • Sourced from Kootenay Plains, Alberta, near Banff Alberta
  • Elegant, easy pour bottle unique to the industry (12 x 750mL case pack)
  • Alkaline PH 8.2
  • 100% Glacier Spring Water
  • Recyclable & BPA Free
  • 10% rPET (Recycled Plastic)

infusedX HEMP - Frosted Mint Spring Water

Hemp Infused Spring Water:

Indulge in Canadian Rocky Mountain spring
water infused with soluble Hemp Seed Oil! A
non-euphoric (THC + CBD free), functional
beverage with incredible nutritional benefits.

Associated Advantages:

• No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
• 25% Daily recommended Omega-6
• 8% Daily recommended Omega-3
• Alkaline 8.2pH at bottling
• Vegan
• Free of most popular allergens

*Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health-related concerns

Interested to learn more? Check out our Hemp FAQ’s.

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infusedX HEMP

One Hundred

This bottle is Plastic Neutral.

"One Hundred" brand water has proudly partnered with "Plastic Oceans" to offset the plastic footprint of each bottle sold. "Plastic Oceans" is a Canadian Registered Charity serving our waterways and the public to eliminate plastic pollution.

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