Is There Fluoride in Our Water?

Posted on 22 November, 2019

Is There Fluoride in Our Water?

Recently there have been issues surrounding the contaminants in local water supplies. Contaminants such as chemicals and minerals. It is up for debate whether or not the minerals in city water streams are harmful or helpful. Specifically fluoride and lead. 

The topic of fluoride is something that has been brought up frequently within the bottled water industry. The common question is simple: “is there fluoride in your water?”. The answer, however, is not so simple. Due to specific labelling standards, fluoride content must be listed on our labels. You’ll notice on our bottles our fluoride listing states less than 0.1 PPM (parts per million). Since we’re not all scientists, let’s break down what parts per million means. Parts per million typically describes the concentration of something in water or soil. In our case, 1 PPM is equivalent to one milligram of something per one litre of water. For example, one milligram of fluoride in one litre of water. This doesn’t seem like much and considering Arctic Chiller water has even less than that, you might say that no, we don’t have fluoride in our water. This is where our answer to that very simple question is a little more complicated. The quick answer would be “no”, but technically that’s not 100% true. Because of labelling standards and tests not being able to detect fluoride content less than 0.1 PPM, we are required to state that there might be fluoride content less than 0.1 PPM in our bottled water. 

Fluoride is not the only mineral that has become of concern in the industry. The topic of lead has also been brought up. However, through reverse osmosis we are able to remove almost all (95%-99%) of dissolved salts behind in a rejection stream. Our reverse osmosis system is able to take away certain minerals and chemicals out of the municipal water supply. It filters out impurities in a way that your at-home filtration system can’t. The benefits of using reverse osmosis include; improved taste, odor, and appearance, highly effective purification process, and removal of pollutants. With the use of our reverse osmosis system, you can be confident that minerals and chemicals are being filtered out, leaving you with clean, tasty water.

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