Going Green

Posted on 01 June, 2018

Going Green

In today’s day and age the term ’Going Green’ has become more and more popular. Canadians are starting to get on board with an international movement for a more sustainable future.

While organics and clean eating continues to grow in the food industry consumers are starting to take notice of what they are putting into their bodies and in turn, how they are impacting the environment with their own ecological footprint.

So where does bottled water fit into this? 

While Arctic Chiller is 100% in favour of recycling - we realised the demand for a product with a smaller ecological impact. With this, we released Canada’s first 100% OXO-Biodegradable bottle using ReverteTM in 2010. Originally developed for plastic shopping bags by a U.K. company called ReverteTM, the patented material was brought over to be used in our signature diamond bottles. 

Why ReverteTM?

  • 100% OXO-Biodegradable
  • Uses light, oxygen and microbial action to decompose
  • Decomposes completely after roughly 10 years
  • 100% Recyclable *Actually preferred by recyclers over plant-based biodegradable materials

Learn more at: www.reverteplastics.com

How do green products benefit your business?

By making the decision to go green with your bottled water you are gaining a number of benefits. Besides the obvious fact that it is better for the environment, consumers recognize green companies and often prefer to work with those that are putting a greener foot forward. Additionally, you will make connections to those who actively live a eco-friendly lifestyle. Going green shows you care about the impact you make on your community, and reflects positively on your business to the public.

Some clients who are currently using our bio-bottles:

Client Bio-Bottles

Our biodegradable features which can be incorporated into the label design:


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